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Visser Construction
1260 West Mission Avenue
P.O. Box 462906
Escondido, CA 92046

P. 760.745.8622
F. 760.745.9024

LICENSE #166927

Serving San Diego
Since 1957

VISSER CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, INC. was formed in 1947 when a father and son decided to develop careers founded on their passion to build. As Gilbert and Bill Visser worked together to construct dairies and churches in the Los Angeles area, VISSER quickly established itself in the industry.

In 1956, the company moved to its present location in Escondido and expanded to include Gilbert’s other son Ted. A year later, the company became incorporated. Representing the third generation, Ted’s son Arlan followed in the footsteps of his family fathers and joined VISSER in 1967. With his wife Aura Lee, they are now the controlling owners of VISSER.

The year 2007 has brought about a promising new chapter in VISSER’s history as Arlan and Aura Lee are now joined by their eldest daughter Annika. Annika represents the fourth generation Visser to join the family and assist with the management of the company.

VISSER strives to provide quality custom construction services. Now, over fifty years after a father and son formed the foundation of the company, Arlan, Aura Lee and Annika continue to build and establish VISSER as an honest, reliable and quality builder within the Southern California communities.

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